Heavy Duty Best Quality



Auto & Adv Tubes


Outstanding Resistance to Air Permeability


1. Get long lasting results.

2. Always maintaining the size, ply rate of the tyre as recommended.

3. Get the tyre and rims properly balanced after each tyre fitment.

4. Change new fitment by 2 tyres or 4 tyres simultaneously that ensures tyre balance and comfort driving.

5. Do not load excessive weight.

6. Check air pressure regularly.

7. Always use sealing value caps to revent loss air or fluid.

8. Never pull out tube by holding the valve stem.

9. Avoid pinching of the tube by the tools while mounting & demounting.


WARRANTY: We shall replace this tube free of cost of heaving any manufactruring defect. All type if warranty laps as soon as tube get punctured any repaired.


INSTRUCTIONS: Do not accept if the seal is broken. Check the new tube throughly with fill the air before fitting inside the tyre. Regularly maintain the air pressure as per norms.