Heavy Duty Best Quality

about us

Because our founder saw the importance of quality materials and the versatility of synthetic rubber in the future, Vasant Rubber Industries has been on the leading edge of the rubber industry, and known across the nation and in many parts of the world as one of the industry's leaders.


The small manufacturing plant started with just a handful of dedicated employees and a smaller number of customers. But as the company's reputation and dedication to quality spread, the customer list has grown impressively, and many of those dedicated employees stayed with Vasant for many years.


Our forming rubber materials are made of proprietary formulations of strong, durable goods, and are available in various configurations such as round press pads of various thickness and size, and square and rectangular sheets. The rubber used is cream coloured, non marking, and has been proven to be very popular in the parts manufacturing areas of our industry. Various hardnesses are offered, from 50-90 shore A.


Vasant  Rubber Industries would like to hear from you, and we invite you to call our dedicated Customer Service and/or technical personnel soon in order that we might help fill your high-quality rubber needs.